Silicone Support Formula
Silicone Support Formula
Silicone Support Formula
Silicone Support Formula
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Silicone Support Formula

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Product Description

Dr. Kayte’s Silicone Implant Support Formula features a patent pending blend of key nutrients and their cofactors. This combination supports several main components of overall health in the presence of foreign devices with special consideration to the ingredients in pharmaceutical grade silicone.

The formation of a healthy scar tissue capsule is an important job for your body to perform after breast augmentation or other types of implantation. Too much scar tissue response can cause capsular contracture, a potentially deforming and negative outcome. Too little scar tissue capsule is an emerging concern due to the inability for the body to create a solid barrier. This formula includes ingredients which support various aspects of the body’s collagen system related to collagen formation and breakdown.

  • Provides a good source of fat-soluble vitamins D, E and K in a synergistic balance with vitamin A and encapsulated with a veggie cap made from beta-carotene to support a healthy immune system.
  • Formulated with high potency vitamin C that is not made from corn.
  • Features key nutrients researched for benefiting the glutathione system and T-regulatory system.
  • Provides methylated forms of vitamin B9 and high potency B12 to support detoxification, methylation and liver conjugation.
  • Supports the integrity of mast cell membranes and nutrients studied for their role in the Mmp9 pathway.
  • A good source of selenium.
  • Plus Purple Carrot plant based capsule ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets.
  • Made in FDA-inspected and registered facility with high-quality ingredients tested for potency and contaminants.
Certificate of Authenticity (COA)




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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The Best!

Dr. Kaytes name alone means so much to me, her passion for health and dedication for wellness, especially her authenticity makes her a gem 💎
I highly recommend anything with her name on it!! Her tireless dedication to IMPROVE our health is absolutely inspirational!!

Monika Lis
Amazing product!

This is magic in a bottle, I have been taking 2 every morning for almost 2 months and what a difference indeed! Mood, energy, sleep, skin, all improved!

Heather M
Tighter skin and improved energy in first month!

I started taking Dr. Kayte’s formula three weeks ago and right away I could tell a difference. I have a long history of experimenting with different supplements and detoxes, and consider myself pretty in tune with my body. So far I’ve noticed tighter skin and improved energy. I’m definitely going to continue taking it daily and can’t wait to see what else I notice longer term!

andrew waldman
Making a Difference

Dr. Kayte's Silicone is making a real difference to those in need. The amount of research and effort that Dr. Kayte is a true testament to someone that cares about helping others and this formula delivers just that.

C. N.
Lots of Improvements

Within a week of taking this formula I can see changes in my skin. My skin looks tighter and I am not flushing as much as I normally do. I also notice my stomach and GI are moving more, and feel less inflamed. Thank you very much for making this great product!